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This biennial conference brings together plasma physicists and engineers from a variety of fields, including magnetic confinement fusion, inertial confinement fusion, space plasmas, astrophysics, and industrial applications, to discuss mutual problems in the development of instrumentation, experimental and analytical techniques for the characterization of high temperature plasmas.


Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

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Executive Committee

Theodore Biewer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

David Brower, Univ. of California - Los Angeles

Calvin Domier, Univ. of California at Davis

Johan Frenje, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gareth Hall, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Hans Hermann, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Don Hillis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bob Kauffman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Joe Kilkenny, General Atomics

James Knauer, Univ. of Rochester, LLE

Kirk Levedahl, Dept. of Energy

George McKee, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison

John Rice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Greg Rochau, Sandia National Laboratories

Brent Stratton, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Francis Thio, Dept. of Energy

George Vayakis, ITER Organizations

Glen Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Contact Information

For general questions on transportation, accomodations, registration, and other event related questions please email

Fusion Plasma Research at the University of Wisconsin

Conference committee

Conference Chair
George McKee

Conference Coordinators
Wisconsin Union Conference Services
Brittney Geenen, Laura Richards